Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda for Migraine, Sinusitis/ Sinus, Head Ache due to Sinus, Allergy, Hormone imbalance, Stress, Tension

  • Are you suffering from migraine headaches that wake you out of deep sleep in the middle of the night?

  • Is the pain persistent and nagging?

  • Are you not able to complete your work efficiently?

Then you should choose Marma Ayurveda. The popular Kerala Ayurveda treatments become far more effective when Marma therapy is used alongside.

250 year tradition in Ayurveda with patients from 25+ countries


How does Marma increase the effectiveness of normal Ayurvedic treatments?

In most Ayurveda hospitals the treatments have become purely body oriented. Marma brings the mind energy to the body parts and hence Marma Ayurveda becomes a true mind-body system, as Ayurveda should actually be.

Marma Ayurveda is superior to plain Kerala Ayurveda treatment because it pulls the mind energy into the treatment. Marma therapy activates, cleanses and strengthens the energy channels between the mind and the body. Free flow of energy through these channels enhances the effectiveness of the normal Kerala Ayurvedic treatment. Marma or energy points in the body are the places where the energy channels are accessed by an experienced practitioner. By activating these points, the link to the mind is strengthened and the mind energy flows easily to the diseased areas. It also helps to calm the mind and sleep also becomes deeper.

In general marma ayurveda helps to release stress and calms down the mind. it also helps to correct the hormonal imbalance and that also helps to reduce the severity and frequency of migrane attacks. Life gets back to normal with Marma ayurveda.

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