Obesity or Weight Loss Treatment in Ayurveda for Obesity, Weight Loss, PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid Dysfunction, High Blood Pressure

Are you fed up with crash diets? Or weight reduction programmes which leave you fatigued and tired? Or other short-term programmes that works temporarily before the lost weight comes back with a vengeance.

Why do they not work? It’s because weight gain is due to some imbalance in the body that needs correction. The rebalancing needs time and patience while the short-term programmes create more shocks in your body that create further imbalance.

When it comes to balancing what better medical science than Ayurveda? Are you willing to look at a fundamental solution for getting back your ‘quality of life’? Then you should consider Ayurveda and Marmmayogi for the fundamental solution.

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There are three main reasons why patients from 25+ countries swear by Marmmayogi. But before that we're sure you would like to know how Ayurveda can help you manage your weight and give you a higher 'quality of life'.

Ayurveda assessment of weight gain: As per Ayurveda there are many stages of metabolism in the body and the metabolic ‘fire’ has to be in proper condition. For example the digestive fire in the stomach is one such metabolic fire, while the conversion of blood to flesh tissue is another. Conversion of ‘fat’ (or medhas) to ‘bone’ (asthi) is also due to metabolic ‘fire’. The excess fat (medhas) is due to improper metabolism, especially the stages that fat gets involved.

Why does the metabolism get imbalanced? It is due to the toxin build-up as a result of bad food habits, lifestyle, stress, lack of exercise, genetics or hormonal imbalance. The improper metabolism combined with these factors together produce the weight gain. If the metabolism was balanced, then the impact would be far less because the metabolic fires can stretch themselves to take care of reasonable levels of abuse of the body. But if it is not in balance, then even small deviations can cause huge weight gain. Haven’t you wondered as to why the short term weight reduction programmes don’t work? Its because they try to cut your food intake or make you do excessive exercise without balancing your metabolic fires. This abuse creates additional body shock.

Ayurveda treatment: The focus is to get the various metabolic fires into balance. After which reasonable restrictions in food, lifestyle and moderate exercise should bring down your weight in a balanced manner. Once the ‘fire’ is in balance, you are able to maintain the weight even as you start to live a normal life (with reasonable restrictions).

At Marmmayogi the processes will start you on the journey by balancing your metabolism. This has to be followed up by a reasonably healthy normal life. Stage one: Powder massages and internal medicines for emulsifying excess fat. These massages also shake up the built-up toxins in various cells and push them into the digestive tract. Yoga is effective at this stage. Stage two: The toxins are then eliminated by purgation, sweating, vomiting or medicated enemas (depending on condition and constitution). Stage three: The weakened body tissues have to be strengthened using special massages, so that the newly balanced metabolic fire is sustained. Pranayama is effective for elimination of toxins as well as rejuvenation. Stage four: One of the major reasons for metabolic imbalance is the improper flow of energy through the various energy channels. Marma Ayurveda (practiced at Marmmayogi) which is a specialised branch of Ayurveda prescribes effective therapies for clearing energy channels. This accelerates the process of metabolic balancing. (Know more about Marma Ayurveda and how it accelerates the healing process.)

Now the 3 reasons why patients from 25+ countries trust us.

Reason one: Marma Ayurveda

Like most Ayurveda hospitals we also do the the oil baths, massages and heat packs. What differentiates us is that, we also add-on a specialized branch of Kerala Ayurveda called Marma Ayurveda.

What is Marma Ayurveda? It is common knowledge that healing is much faster when the mind energy supports the treatment on the physical body. The mind-body is connected by energy channels which get blocked or weakened due to the disease. By cleaning and strengthening these channels through Marma Ayurveda, the mind energy flows freely towards the diseased parts. At Marmmayogi, Marma Ayurveda is done along with the Ayurveda treatments, making the massages and therapies far more effective. With Marma Yoga and Marma Meditation, the additional focus on mind-body channels is complete. All this makes the healing process faster. (KNOW MORE ABOUT MARMA AYURVEDA)

Reason two: Personalised attention and treatment

While the common Ayurveda treatments (massages and oil baths) are done by trained therapists, Marma therapy needs years of practice. The chief physician Dr. Manoj, who comes with a family tradition of 250 years, has been personally trained by his grandfather. Dr. Manoj has to do it personally on each patient. Since there is a limit to the number of patients Dr. Manoj can personally attend, we are a small hospital with limited number of rooms. With the doctor and his family staying on the premises, our patients are also pleasantly surprised with the family atmosphere and personalized attention.

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy by the Doctor

While Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Therapy is done by Therapists, the Marma Therapy is done by Dr Manoj specific to the health issue.

Reason three: Special proprietary medicines

With a family tradition of 250 years, many highly effective medicines have been handed down over generations. These medicines are not available outside. Fresh herbs collected from the herbal garden are used very frequently in the treatments. All this makes the process far more effective.

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The first step in the process is to talk to our doctor

The first step in the process is to talk to our doctor

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