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Marma Ayurveda – making the usual Ayurvedic treatments far more effective

In most hospitals Ayurveda has become purely body-oriented, which goes against the basic philosophy of Ayurveda. The true essence of Ayurveda lies in its mind-body connections and energies. This is where Marma Ayurveda (specialised branch of Kerala Ayurveda) is different.

Just like the others, we also do all the usual body-oriented treatments like massages, oil baths, medicinal packs, toxin elimination and strengthening. However, along with the usual treatments, at Marmmayogi, we use Marma Ayurveda. Additional focus is on strengthening and cleaning the energy channels which connect the mind with the body. This Marma process allows the free flow of mind energy to the diseased parts. It is common knowledge that healing is much faster when the mind supports the treatment.

By pulling the mind energy to the diseased parts, the usual body-oriented Ayurvedic treatments become far more effective. The healing is faster and deeper. Our areas of treatment are :

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Marma Ayurveda Treatment

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Marma Ayurveda

Chief Physician: Dr Manoj Chandrasekharan, BAMS, Msc Yoga

Chief Physician, Dr Manoj Chandrasekharan is the present inheritor of 250 years long family history of upholding the tradition of Marma Treatments. These treatments when used with normal Ayurvedic treatments, significantly enhance their efficacy.


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250 year family tradition

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50Kms from Cochin International Airport Kerala

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