Marma Meditation

How is Marma Meditation different to normal Yoga? Normal meditation is generally for healthy people and the focus is to relieve stress and tension in the mind. There are definitely physical benefits too, but the primary focus is on the balance of the mind.  But Marma Meditation specifically caters to people with health concerns. 

As we know, Marma denotes the energy points and energy channels that connect the mind and body. For people with health issues there are particular points and channels that are blocked or are weak. These channels have to be rejuvenated through meditation techniques which will target the unhealthy tissues and organs. Marma meditation specifically pulls the mind energy to the diseased parts of the body thereby accelerating that healing process.

Marma Yoga along with Marma Ayurveda provides an even more powerful system which dramatically enhances the efficacy of normal Ayurveda treatments.

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