Marma Ayurveda

What is Marma Ayurveda? When Marma therapy is used along with the usual Ayurvedic treatments, it becomes Marma Ayurveda. Marma dramatically enhances the effectiveness of all the various Ayurvedic treatments. How does it do this?

It is common knowledge that Ayurveda is a mind-body healing system and the healing is much faster if the mind energy supports the body treatment. The usual Ayurvedic treatments treat the body, while general meditation enhances the mind energy. But the energy channels between the mind and body is left unaddressed they stand separated. To bring the mind and body together, the tool of Marma plays it most effective and powerful role.  

Our family has been using Marma along with Ayurveda for several generations. Marma therapy directs the mind energy to the diseased part by strengthening the bridge between the mind and the body. This strengthening of the energy channels accelerates the healing. The normal Ayurvedic treatments which are mostly body-oriented become far more effective. Marmas are the specific energy points which is connected through the energy channels to the vital organs of the body. An experienced practitioner will be able to use these points for diagnosis as well as healing. In Marma the energy channels are accessed, and by activating these channels the mind energy flows to the affected area and healing happens faster. The energy channels are also the vehicles for communication between the cells to maintain their functions and coordination. It facilitates communication between the deep organs to the superficial tissues and skin.

Marma Ayurveda practitioner uses the marma points  to identify the energy imbalance of tissues and organs, and this helps for better diagnosis and treatment. Marma activation enhances the cellular intelligence, cellular metabolism and cellular immune function. Allowing the free flow of the mind energy helps to activate the metabolic fire ,so that the circulation and nutrition and rejuvenation of cells happens much faster. Marma therapy activates the neural pathway to the brain and from brain to the area of the body to be treated. The energy channels in the whole body become stronger and cleaner. Therefore, the usual Ayurveda treatments become far more effective with Marma as a supporting component, 

Marma ayurveda treatment by the Doctor

Along with the normal Ayurvedic treatments, we use Marma in three specific ways. 

First way….this energy channel activation will be done individually on each patient by the chief physician himself because it requires years of dedicated practice to do Marma therapy.

Second way…. the meditation and Yoga sessions are designed in such a way that the focus is the energy channels. Marma meditation and Marma yoga is what is taught here and it has been passed on for generations. Marmayogi was the name by which the grandfather of the chief physician was called by his patients. The name has stuck for generations.

Third way…. the chief physician will teach you a couple of marma activations, specific to your disease that you can do when you go back home. This helps you to continue the therapy at home and gives you long term benefits. 

In short Marma Ayurveda is a tool that increases the free flow of mind energy all over the body and it dramatically increases the effectiveness of the usual body-oriented Ayurveda treatments.

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